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    Social Entrepreneur, Writer, Traveller, Dinosaur Enthusiast, Business Fanatic, Volunteer, Photographer, MBA Grad, Optimist, Management Consultant, Investor, Animal Lover, Property Manager, Scholar Of Life

  • Hi, my name is Matthew Cigler and I specialize in Management - including NGO's.


    I have experience in a number of fields including social development, marketing, corporate, service industry, consulting, international dealings, creative writing, digital business, management and entrepreneurship.


    Currently I am involved in, amongst other things, the running of 'The Ministry of Management' - a consultancy based organization offering a variety of business services and solutions to other companies.


    My most recent prior position of employment was as Head Business Development, Sales & Marketing Executive for the Spanish based organization; FERMAX (Running the South African division including other dealings within Africa) - however early in 2015 I departed to explore alternative prospects and opportunities locally as well as abroad.


    During this period I was fortunate to be accepted and take part in one of the Frontier Wildlife Conservation Projects, living temporarily in the Osa Peninsula Rain forest (Costa Rica, Central America) - whilst participating in a series of surveys and conservation activities revolving mainly around primates, turtles and the general environment. I also had the opportunity of staying in New York and travelling within the United States for a few months before returning to South Africa.


    I love working with passionate people and sharing what I've learned with them. Business, social development and wildlife conservation are a big part of my existence.


    Over the years I have been lucky enough to partake in an array of exciting projects, positions and business ventures in different industries - many of which I have maintained an interest in and are still active.


    This website is my window to the world where you can find more about me and then get in touch for a chat about potential prospects and projects.


    Welcome :)



    Gordon Institute Of Business Science

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)  2013 - 2014



    The GIBS MBA offers a life changing experience and relevant exposure to the
    best practices of South African and global leadership. The GIBS MBA is
    accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), thus ensuring our students
    are equipped for success in both local and international arenas.



    Click here for the GIBS Website



    Gordon Institute Of Business Science

    PDBA Management/Business 2011 - 2012



    As a driven university graduate in a hurry to get to the top, you leave university with good technical knowledge and start your career with little or no business experience. The PDBA is aimed at fast-tracking high-potential young graduates, into the world of business. By combining a broad understanding of business concepts, practical applications and immediate transfer of learning to the work environment, PDBA students are at an advantage.


    Click here for the GIBS Website






    Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) Law and Business Management 2006 - 2010


    The largest university in South Africa and one of the largest distance education institutions in the world.


    Majors: Law and Business Management with distinctions


    Click here for Unisa website



    King David Victory Park

    High School  - Matriculation: 2004 (IEB) with university admission


    Click here for KDVP website



  • MBA Awards and Distinctions


    - Strategy & General Management (Elective)
    - Management Accounting (Core)
    - Entrepreneurship (Core)
    - Information & Knowledge Management (Core)
    - Expert Negotiator (Elective)


    - Shared prize for the Expert Negotiator Elective (MBA)



    (Other references from previous dealings can also be found in the below Leadership Feedback Report)

    Vivianne Ihekweazu

    Corporate Solutions Manager at LANDMARK AFRICA

    Matt was a key member of our syndicate group and a great person to work with. He was also a great team player who was never shy to take on a leadership role when needed. He has a very astute business sense, and can hit the ground running when tasted with a project. Matt has a well-rounded understanding of business strategies and is able to juggle multiple priorities simultaneously. Matt is a hard worker and makes a great effort to carry out tasks to the best of his ability and was very good at building strong relationships.


    Linkedin: https://za.linkedin.com/pub/vivianne-ihekweazu/3/558/97a, Email: vivianne.ihekweazu@gmail.com,        Website: http://www.tedxeuston.com/


    (May 31, 2014, Vivianne studied with Matthew at Gordon Institute Of Business Science - PDBA)

    Karl Thorington

    Supply Chain Director at McCain Foods

    In 2013, I embarked on the GIBS MBA full time program and during this period I had the opportunity to meet and study alongside Matthew. I was immediately impressed by his giving nature, always willing to help a fellow classmate, or the those in need through the TAC initiative, or through his mentor-ship in the GIBS Goldman Sachs 10000 women initiative. In addition, Matthew was driving separate business interests whilst studying and clearly demonstrated his ability to juggle multiple projects and handle pressure.

    Matthew's contribution to the business dialogue in class, provided greater discussion opportunities and clearly demonstrated his broad business acumen. But it was always his entrepreneurial flair that caught the attention as he proved himself time and again as an out of the box thinker, and a shrewd negotiator.

    Matthew was always aware of gaps in his experience and resume, and was open to suggestions and advice in his pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement. From what I have seen, Matt clearly demonstrates the flair required to be a successful entrepreneur, whilst also the capability of being a solid all round businessman. I firmly believe he will go from strength to strength in his career and believe his broader view to life, and particularly those he can influence, will provide him with great perspective as to what is important.


      Tel: +27 11 918 1348 (Home), Linkedin: https://za.linkedin.com/pub/karl-thorington/8/239/899, Email: karl.thorington@yahoo.com


    (June 1, 2014, Karl studied with Matthew at Gordon Institute Of Business Science - MBA)

    Kgothatso Meka

    Visionary, Influencer & Investment Analyst at Old Mutual Investment Group

    Matthew is one of the few naturally gifted leaders that I have come across. He is visionary and possesses very good interpersonal and leadership skills. I have witnessed him interact with various people from all walks of life and I am amazed at how easily he is able to adapt and command the same level of respect across the board.

    I worked very briefly with Matthew on a start up venture and was very impressed at his insights about the various day to day business challenges and opportunities we encountered. I was especially impressed with his self awareness, especially for someone as relatively young as he is.

    Matthew is passionate about business and the development of South Africa and it's people. His experience as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist are evident in everything he does. A good team player and person I would be happy to work with again in future.


    Linkedin: https://za.linkedin.com/pub/kgothatso-meka/45/bab/944, Email: kgothatsomeka@gmail.com


    (June 11, 2014, Kgothatso was with another company when working with Matthew at The T.A.C Initiative)

    Caren Munzer

    We Got Style Events, Owner

    We Got Style has outsourced our Cocktail party package to Behind Bars on more than one occasion.


    They have always given us great advice on what the best option for our clients would be, especially if the client is on a strict budget.


    I have only dealt with Matthew and Justin and would highly recommend their services as I find them professional, pleasant and easy to work with.


    Cell: +2782 959 3046, Tel: 011 022 6073, Fax to email: 0865510412, Email: caren@wegotstyle.co.za


    (2009, Caren was with this company when working with Matthew at Behind Bars)

    Peter Asbury

    Backyard Caterers, Client Services & Manager

    "To whom it may Concern

    Matthew Cigler

    Matthew Cigler worked as a service provider to the catering industry. During this time it was my privilege to make use of his services

    I always found Matthew to be reliable, open and honest and able to provide outstanding service. He has the ability to understand instructions and act upon them with very satisfactory results.

    I would recommend Matthew for any position which requires integrity, honesty and diligence"

    Peter Asbury
    27 May 2014


    Cell: +2782 330 2910, Tel: 011 262 2560, Fax: 086 721 2120, Email: peter@thebackyard.co.za


    (2010, Peter was with this company when working with Matthew at Behind Bars)

    Tebogo Moalusi

    Head of Investments, Bridging the Gap Holdings

    "Matthew Cigler is an enthusiastic and highly capable young professional. He has a great mix of corporate professional and entrepreneurial skills which enable him to be dynamic professional. He works well in teams, bringing high work ethic but with an element of fun and humour. I had the pleasure of working in the same syndicate group as Matthew while completing the MBA at GIBS. I learn much from him. Matthew thrives in interactive environments. He was a great contributor to discussions in class, adding value from experience but also willing to learn in areas where he was not as strong. He is honest and very kind, paying for his colleagues beers after some of the tough exams we had. It was indeed a pleasure working and studying with Mr Cigler."
    Tebogo Moalusi
    27 May 2014


    Tel: 0832909044 (Mobile)   , Linkedin: https://za.linkedin.com/pub/tebogo-moalusi-mba/12/3ab/a8a, Email: tebogo@btgh.co.za


    (June 1, 2014, Tebogo studied with Matthew at Gordon Institute Of Business Science - MBA)



    (This is a brief snapshot - Please see formal CV for further details)

    The Ministry of Management

    - Owner/Founder


    - Innovative management consultancy providing a number of business services/solutions.


    - Services: Investment/Support Network/Funding, Management Consulting, BP Development, Executive Recruitment, Sustainability Consulting, Marketing Development, Other


    - Website: www.ministryofmanagement.org



    Business Development, Sales & Marketing Executive (Head)

    Mar 2014 – May 2015


    Business Development, Sales & Marketing Executive
    Fermax S.A
    27A Moore Avenue
    Johannesburg 1501



    FERMAX is a Spanish family business based in Valencia, Spain.

    The company, founded by Mr. Fernando Maestre in 1949, is specialized in designing communication and access control systems, both digital and
    analogue, enjoying a prominent position among the world leading brands.


    FERMAX currently has subsidiaries and representative offices in Spain, UK, France, China, India, Dubai, Singapore, Polska, Russia, Colombia,
    Vietnam, Bahrain, USA and Turkey.

    Our products are also sold in another 70 countries.


    With subsidiaries and representative offices in 14 countries, FERMAX is placed among the most important brands in the world.






    The T.A.C Initiative


    Aug 2011 – Present




    A non profit informal organization that aims to give back to the community through various initiatives and consulting.

    Such initiatives basically include impacting on the lives of the less fortunate by performing weekly tasks such as:

    - Playing with orphanage children
    - Helping the terminally ill
    - Visiting the elderly
    - Collecting clothes and blankets for the poor
    - Participating in animal food collections

    - Assisting other organizations in need of a helping hand through management assistance



    We aim to stay non-professional and through initiatives improve the quality of life for the big and the small.


    Most initiatives will be held as an event and updates of happening and news will be posted via our various marketing plans.


    An online platform is also facilitated whereby active members in their various communities have the ability to make contacts and create their own initiatives; with a higher reach.



    - http://thetacinitiative.wix.com/the-tac-initiative


    - FB Community Group


    - FB Community Page


    Goldman Sachs - 10000 Women Initiative


    Jun 2013 – Apr 2014


    Anchor Mentor and Support for group coaching and mentoring



    The 10,000 Women initiative was launched in 2008 by the Goldman Sachs Foundation,
    providing 10,000 women from across 43 countries with business and management education, mentoring and networking. 

    10,000 Women has supported women from countries as diverse as Liberia, Egypt, Brazil, India and China through a network of


    90 academic and nonprofit partners. More than 30 of the world’s leading
    business schools have participated in the program. The initiative is founded on research conducted by Goldman Sachs – Womenomics and Women Hold up Half the Sky – the World Bank and others which suggests that such an investment can have a significant impact on GDP growth.





    Juricma Events Management T/A Behind Bars


    Mar 2007 – Jan 2010


    Mobile Bar Services, Function Staffing and Full Event Management in Service Industry




    Other Past Experience:

    - Lounge Around (Manager)


    - Goldman Sachs 10 000 Women (Mentor/Coach)


    - Sheryl Pincas Accounting (Admin Assistance)


    - The Support Room (Writer)


    - Section 27 (Social Strategy Developer)



  • Featured articles & Publications


    Selecting the right audio or video access system - October 2014 - Hi-Tech Security Solutions Magazine - by Matthew Cigler (Also featured in Access and Identity Management Handbook 2015)

    Full article available at: http://www.securitysa.com/6725r



    Young Jewish Entrepreneur Of The Year at the ABSA Achievers Awards 2014 - Featuring Matthew Cigler as nominee

    Full article available at: http://www.sajr.co.za/docs/default-source/pdf/14-magazine-jaa-hi-res.pdf?sfvrsn=2


    (see also http://www.sajr.co.za/docs/default-source/pdf/2014-documents/29-august-2014.pdf?sfvrsn=4)

    Matthew Cigler ready to make a positive impact - Security Focus Magazine Article May 2014 - Personality Profile on Matthew Cigler

    Customer value is crucial to growth - Security Focus Magazine July 2014 - Matthew Cigler's (Fermax SA Executive) thoughts on the creation of customer value throughout operations

    Moving towards a brighter future (Organisation helps the poor) - North Eastern Tribune August 2014 - Fairwood resident and businessman Matthew Cigler believes that

    charity and business should not operate in isolation

    Power of social network gives Zac a new face - Jewish Report Article December 2014 - This is the story of the power of social media for good and giving someone with a badly deformed face a new lease on life - by Matthew Cigler

    Community opens its heart to Yad Aharon - Jewish Report Article Feb 2012 - Follow up report on T.A.C clothing drive

    Fermax launches new app - Security Focus Magazine Article October 2014 - Matthew Cigler speaks about the new innovative app designed by Fermax Spain

    Full article available at: http://www.digimagsa.co.za/v2.2/338

    Visitor management evolves - April 2015 - Hi-Tech Security Solutions Magazine - by Matthew Cigler

    Full article available at: http://www.securitysa.com/51346n

    Growing beards for a very good cause - Jewish Report July 2012 - Grizzley Bear Challenge Article

    Matthew Cigler - Entrepreneurship in SA - March 2016 Epyk Living Magazine

    Wag Centre - Matt Cigler - 2016

    JHB Pets Unleashed - Bizaffiliate - 2016

  • Formal CV and Additional Information

    Formal CV (1 Pager)

    Click here to download document

    Last updated: 2015

    One page summary document in conventional CV format

    Leadership Feedback Report

    Click here to download document

    MBA Leadership Assessment and Development:


    Report generated 5 December 2012

    This report is based on results from 12 respondents, excluding myself.


    The report also indicates responses from the subgroups of 7 respondents who selected their relation to me as “Other” (Other) and 5 respondents who selected their relation to me as
    “I work at the same level as this person” (Colleagues).


    The questionnaire describes five dimensions of leadership, as follows:


    1) Setting the direction

    2) Making things happen

    3) Leading by example

    4) Building the team

    5) Unlocking energy


    The assessors were given the option of providing an anonymous textual comment, in addition to the feedback that makes up the rest of this report.

    Thesis (MBA)

    Title: The Marketing Re-imagination

    Click here to download document

    Exploring the augmented product concept through social
    media offerings on durable goods in relation to high-level
    need satisfaction and consumer perceptions

    Matthew Adam Cigler

    A research project submitted to the Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of
    Pretoria, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business

    29 January 2014

    Personal Profile - M.Cigler

    Click here to download document

    Last Updated: 2013

    Brief information on Matthew Cigler for the relevant party concerned (Informal Style)



    Actually, I Can . . .


    And so can you ;)



    ''The best way to predict the future is to create it.'' - Abraham Lincoln


    ''Not all those who wander are lost'' - JRR Tolkien


    "May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears" - Nelson Mandela


    ''The key to a happy life is to accept you are never fully in control'' - Simon Masrani (Jurassic World)


    ''I'ts fine to celebrate success but its more important to head the lessons of failure'' - Bill Gates


    "The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is dreams" - Tupac Shakur


    ''Photography helps people to see'' - Bernice Abbott


    ''The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do'' - Steve Jobs

  • Projects & Business Interests

    The T.A.C Initiative

    Main Operational Platform: Physical Business/Facebook

    Type: Page,Group, NGO, Community Organization


    • Category

      Other : Community

    • Name:

      The T.A.C Initiative

    • Web Address: http://thetacinitiative.wixsite.com/the-tac-initiative

      FB Page: www.facebook.com/TheTacInitiative

      FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/272972959406225/

    • Start Date:


    • Short Description:

      We are a non profit informal organization that aims to give back to the community through various initiatives.
      Please like our page to show your support !

    JHB Pets Unleashed

    Main Operational Platform: Tangible Business Services/Digital Services/Online Business

    Type: Online Community Based Business


    • Category


    • Name:

      JHB Pets Unleashed

    • Web Address:

    • Start Date:


    • Short Description:

      JHB Pets Unleashed is the first online pet protector business in Johannesburg, South Africa

    Scars, Scabs and Beautiful Things

    Main Operational Platform: Facebook and Blogspot

    Type: Page and Blog

    Info: 15 000 + Followers

    • Category

       People: Fictional Character
    • Name:

      Scars, Scabs and Beautiful Things
    • Facebook Web Address: www.facebook.com/scarsscabsbeautifulthings
    • Start Date:

       Created on August 28, 2012
    • Short Description:

      Life is a roller coaster - It encompasses many things such as humor, pain, change, friendship, beauty, love and anger........this is the human

    • Email:

    • Website:


    My Task Commander

    Main Operational Platform: Tangible Business Services/Digital Services/Online Business

    Type: Online Business


    • Category


    • Name:

      My Task Commander

    • Web Address:


    • Start Date:


    • Short Description:

      My Task Commander is a virtual marketplace that allows people to outsource various jobs and tasks to others

    Taking Back Mandela's Dream

    Main Operational Platform: Facebook

    Type: Page


    • Category

      Other : Community

    • Name:

      Taking Back Mandela's Dream

    • Facebook Web Address:


    • Start Date:


    • Short Description:

      Focus around the past with lack of vision towards the future. The past is important as to what we what we have learned but, as in many cases, may prove to stunt a nation if it is the sole focus. This page is dedicated to inter-racial networking and the new

    The JHB Party Community

    Main Operational Platform: Facebook

    Type: Page


    • Category

      Other : Community

    • Name:

      The JHB Party Community

    • Facebook Web Address:


    • Start Date:


    • Short Description:

      Be a part of the latest parties and events in JHB - feel free to comment about your experiences, promote and engage :) !!!

    Thesis Research Community Lab

    Main Operational Platform: Digital Services & Facebook

    Type: Page, Digital Service Provider and Community Organization


    • Category

      Other : Community

    • Name:

      Thesis Research Community Lab

    • Facebook Web Address:


    • Start Date:


    • Short Description:

      Page to test quant and qual research papers with a global reach for everyone doing any form of thesis

    The Entrepreneur Plant

    Main Operational Platform: Tangible Business Services/Digital Services/ Facebook and Community based organization

    Type: Page


    • Category

      Other : Community

    • Name:

      The Entrepreneur Plant

    • Facebook Web Address:


    • Start Date:


    • Short Description:

      The Entrepreneur Plant facilitates communication and networking
      capabilities for entrepreneurs and business owners from a local and
      global perspective.Tools and publications are posted and shared by admin, however members are encouraged to engage together

    Mac Photography

    Main Operational Platform: N/A

    Type: Personal Photography/Travel Photography


    • Category

      Personal Photography/Travel Photography

    • Name:

      Mac Photography

    • Web Address:


    • Start Date:


    • Short Description:

      Various photographs taken by M.Cigler all around the world

    Robreck Mulanje Experiences

    Main Operational Platform: N/A

    Type: Tangible Business Services


    • Category

      Travel/Leisure/Business Service

    • Name:

      Robreck Mulanje Experiences

    • Web Address:


    • Start Date:


    • Short Description:

      Mulanje Experiences & Guided Tours - Malawi

  • Other Interesting Projects and Experiences

    Need 4 Speed - Yogi Sip Commercial

    CREW: Ryan Peimer : Director, Writer, Editor, Sound Design Tilo Spargel : Producer, 1st Assistant Director. Joshua Shifrin : Production Manger Matthew Cigler : Prod. Co-ordinator & 2nd A.D. Amy Meyer Prod Co-ordinator & 3rd A.D.


    Click here to watch the video

    Teddy Bear Clinic

    Teddy Bear Clinic For Abused Children


    Day Care Volunteer: July 2012


    Facilitator/Organizer: Daph Dinur (Teddy Bear Clinic South Africa)


    Company Website: http://ttbc.org.za/


    Click here for further images and information about initiative

    Thuthuzela Clothing Drive - The T.A.C Initiative - 2012

    A letter from Lizzy (Head of Thuthuzela Orphanage) regarding an exciting project, thanking all those involved


    Please see corresponding image or click here for further information

    Capitec Bank - Marketing FT MBA (Syndicate 3)

    The aim of this research assignment was to assess the delivery of Capitec’s brand promise using the marketing principles explored during the MBA Marketing module as a Syndicate. An overview of Capitec in the context of the South African banking industry was provided, the research methodology used was outlined and an analysis of the delivery of their brand promise was evaluated. The findings were then summarized and recommendations made for an international bank looking to expand their footprint into the South African market.


    In addition to the written assignment submission was the requirement to create a YouTube video as per the below link:


    Link to video: Click Here


    Syndicate group members: Matthew Cigler, Vivianne Ihekweazu, Ziyaad Jina, Londiwe Mgcina, Noma Ngubane, Sebastian Pieterse, Ruhin Rajkumar


    Syndicate members featured in video: Matthew Cigler and Londiwe Mgcina


    Submission date: 21 Feb 2013 (full assignment available upon request)

    CHOC Grizzley Bear Challenge

    An initiative, run through The T.A.C Initiative - 2012, whereby participants grew beards for lengthy periods in exchange for supporting donations online.


    Resulting funds raised were given to CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa.


    Click here for more information


    Images also available here

    Yad Aharon Clothing Drive

    Successful clothing drive in aid of Yad Aharon - 2012 - via The T.A.C Initiative


    Click here for further details

    Section 27 Social Strategy Development

    Assistance given to Section 27 with the creation and compiling of a new social strategy for their 'Friends of Section 27' campaign 2013/14


    Company details: SECTION27 is a public interest law centre that seeks to influence, develop and use the law to protect, promote and advance human rights. Their name is drawn from the section in the South African Constitution which enshrines everyone's right to health care, food, water and social security.


    Click here for Summary Social Campaign Doc

    Flashforward: SAIF Promotional Video Voice-Over writing

    Cinematic and media writing assistance for the production of a South African Institute of Funding promotional follow up video for potential investors 2015.


    Production company assisted: Flash Forward Productions


    Website of FF Productions available here

    The Support Room

    The Support Room assists customers apply practical, workable solutions to get their business noticed online. Assistance was given for a few of their clients (2013).

    Web design, Branding, Social Media, Google Advertising and Email Marketing - they do it all



    Elvey branch competition Fermax Social Campaign

    Organized an interesting campaign through Fermax South Africa in 2015; whereby all distributing branches at Elvey were requested to create an in-store Fermax display over a period of time.


    Competing branch displays were posted online and judged according to social media, as well as in-store, responses.


    The winning branch won a series of prizes and was afforded the ability to donate a sum of money to a charity of their choice.


    Pictures and information relating to this campaign available here

    Goldman Sachs 10 000 Women

    The 10,000 Women initiative was launched in 2008 by the Goldman Sachs Foundation, providing 10,000 women from across 43 countries with business and management education, mentoring and networking. 


    Participated as a business plan marking, anchor mentor and coach in 2014 which proved to be an extremely rewarding experience.


    Click here for further information on the initiative.

    Manor Lane: Personal Project (Property Management Starting Point)

    Investment project, with a partner, that commenced in 2014 involving the purchase, renovation, management and acquisition of a tenant - ground unit apartment located in Rivonia, South Africa.

    Habonim Counsellor - 2004

    Participated as a Counselor (Madrich) for 3 week summer camp in 2004; involving taking care of younger campers, planning/arranging activities and general supervision.


    Information on camp/youth movement:


    There are few experiences in life as unique as the South African Zionist Summer Camps - The Machanot.


    Every year at Habonim Dror Machaneh, thousands of young Jews are transformed into responsible, accountable and socially conscious young people.

    For three weeks in December, Habonim Dror hosts a world-famous summer camp that is the highlight of thousands of young people's year. This entails three weeks of fun and sun on their beautiful campsite in Onrus. Sleeping beneath the trees, relaxing everyday on the beach, playing sport, learning new crafts, singing songs you'll only ever sing at Habonim Dror, sitting and chatting around campfires and making life-long friends that become a part of your life forever!

    Habonim prides itself on maintaining the highest level of child-care which is guaranteed by their highly trained team of two hundred madrichim (counsellors) – many of whom have spent a year in Israel undergoing intense hadracha (leadership ) and chinnuch (education) training.

    Habonim is a safe and secure environment for kids from across Southern Africa – including Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, The Eastern Cape, Durban, Bloemfontein, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Here, young Jewish children have the chance to meet one another and share in an identity shaping Jewish and Zionist experience. They are privileged to have a number of foreign children and madrichim joining them from Israel, Australia, the US and England, amongst other places.


    Click here for website

    Social AR Campaign (Fermax) - Augmented Reality showcase @ Ebotse Golf Estate

    Creation and co-ordination of Fermax international augmented reality app social campaign showcase in South Africa 2014.


    Taking place at the Weisenhof Craft Beer Golf Day, players were invited to be a part of this app by getting their picture taken, participating in a competition and receiving a follow up mail with the digital photograph comprising further information.


    Click here for pictures or click here for information about the app itself.

    Business Plan Judging (GIBS)

    Participated as a business plan judge for FT MBA students at GIBS for their fulfillment of one of the requirements to obtain their qualifications. This was an interesting experience having completed the same course as them one year earlier (2013/14) and then having the opportunity to view the same process from a different standpoint.

    Frontier Wildlife Conservation Volunteer - Costa Rica 2015                 

    Central America

    Participated as a wildlife conservation volunteer for 4 weeks in Costa Rica




    Set between its tropical Caribbean and Pacific coasts, Costa Rica is one of the most breath-taking countries in the world. Even though it covers just 0.03% of the world’s landmass, it is home to an incredible 500,000 species including jaguars, pumas, four species of monkeys and five species of turtle.


    This is the highest density of species of any country in the world.


    Frontier volunteers are carrying out groundbreaking survey work, exploring Costa Rica's remote habitats and helping to combat the effects of global warming by establishing a baseline against which future protected area management can be assessed.


    On this project volunteers will live in a wilderness camp set in dense tropical forest on the shores of the Pacific Ocean next to pristine turtle beaches.

    Participants live and work with other enthusiastic and energetic volunteers at a basic research camp near some of Costa Rica's most impressive protected areas. Volunteers carry out crucial surveys that are being used to find out how climate change is affecting endangered species and threatened habitats.

    Jaguars, sloths, pumas and turtles are just a fraction of the species here that are under threat; it is their job to help find out how to best protect these species and preserve their environment.


    The long term goal of this project is to investigate the effects of climate change on biodiversity and the subsequent implications of climate change upon Costa Rica's network of protected areas.


    The project addresses four important questions in order to safeguard the future of Costa Rica's economically and biologically important natural heritage:


    - What effect is global warming having on the biodiversity within Costa Rica's system of protected areas?


    - What future effect is global warming likely to have on the biodiversity within Costa Rica's system of protected areas?

    - Is there adequate existing connectivity between habitat blocks within Costa Rica, and within the Mesoamerican hotspot as a whole, to allow ecosystem migration?

    - What conservation efforts can and need to be put in place to ensure the continued existence,where possible, of the ecosystems which typify the natural habitats of Costa Rica?


    Click here for more information on this project

    JHB Pets Unleashed/Pets JHB Collaboration       


    Pets JHB: 'Words cannot begin to express our gratitude to Matt Cigler & JHB Pets Unleashed for the incredible donation received of R10 000 towards our precious boy Shandy's stay at kennels. Since being surrendered back to us - Shandy has been staying in kennels for over 2 months while we looked for a foster or forever home for him to go to. Because we are not a shelter, we are reliant on the public to foster our rescues and when we don't find a foster home we have to kennel them until we do. We are very pleased to stay Shandy recently did find a foster home with his orginal foster mom Olivia Stirling who fostered him as a pup and we are so grateful to her for taking him in again while he looks for a forever home. But his two and a half month stay at kennels cost us just over R15 000. Money which we don't have. So we are so grateful to Matthew and JHB Pets Unleashed for coming to our aid and sponsoring the bill for the rest of Shandy's stay while he was at kennels. This has lifted an enormous burden off our shoulders. JHB Pets Unleashed is the First Online Pet Protector Business in Johannesburg that is fast GAINING MOMENTUM AND RECEIVING A LOT OF ATTENTION. Please take a moment to read more about what they do here : http://www.bizaffiliate.net/jhb-pets-unleashed-online-pet-protector/'

  • Other Links

    (Last update: 16 June 2015)

    View Bug Photography

    Gordon Institute of Business Science - Academia.edu

    National Geographic - Your Shot


    Please feel free to be in touch and I will do my best to respond promptly